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Zumbro Falls, Minnesota
County 86 near the Zumbro Falls woods along the river.
The river between Zumbro Falls and Hammond is one of the most popularstretches for fishing, canoeing,
kayaking and tubing! The Zumbro Falls Scientific & Nature Area (SNA) is close by!

Businesses, Lodging/Dining & Attractions

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Saturday, July 28
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Zumbro Falls- Hammond

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Zumbro Falls can teach other towns a few things about resilience!  In September 2010, many homes and businesses were damaged in a '100-year' flood!  Local folks refer to it as the "reset event."  Since the flood, towns people have come together to look at how to make the most of their beautiful setting in the Zumbro River Valley! Work is underway to transform the community into a place where visitors will always find more to do!

Right now Zumbro Falls is one of the most popular spots on the river to start a fishing, canoe or kayak trip down river!   Local canoe liveries make scheduled runs to the boat launches.  Scooter's Bar & Grill, ZF Pizza and the Neptune Bar are great places to get a meal and relax after a memorable day on the river.  Lodging options range from rooms at Rod's Motel to campsites and RV hookups at nearby campgrounds.  Whether you plan a day trip, come for a celebration, or stay awhile, you'll like what you find in Zumbro Falls!

Businesses—Zumbro Falls has twenty-two businesses. For VisitorsVisitors to Zumbro Falls can stay at Burr Oak Bed & Breakfast or Rod's Motel.  Camping and RV hook-ups are available at local campgrounds. Things To Do People come to the Falls to relax.  The local canoe livery, bar & grills, pizza shop and golf course take helping visitors relax seriously.    

Explore The Zumbro is a collaboration of cities, businesses and organizations that are in or near the Zumbro River Valley in eastern Goodhue and Wabasha Counties in southeastern Minnesota..
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