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The Zumbro River
Tubing on the Zumbro River, Hammond to Millville 
DNR Guide
to the Zumbro Rive

The Lower Zumbro River Valley is as picturesque today as it was when the first explorers viwed the steep, rugged dolomite cliffs that overlook the deep scenic valleys and stands of hardwood forest.

The Zumbro River twists and turns for over 80 miles as it flows through the lower Zumbro River Valley. The river gather's strength and wides as the North, Middle and South Forks join the main channel,  The most popular stretch of the river for paddlers are from the Zumbro Lake power dam to Zumbro Falls or from Zumbro Falls to either Hammond or Millville.

Canoeists will be taken by surprise if they expect to drift down the Zumbro.  The river's lively current make it highly likely that they will have to manuveur around an assortment of snags--- even at moderate levels.  These snags are the origin of the French name for the river---"Riviere des Embarras" or "River of Difficulties." The Zumbro's water level depends on the flow at the Rochester power dam. Generally, the dam operators release water on weekends to raise the level sufficiently for canoeing. Several canoe liveries operate along the Zumbro River.  

Everyone who uses the Zumbro should be aware of how rapidly the river can rise after rainstorms. Use caution!

The Zumbro is a good river for fishing with catfish, small-mouth bass, walleye, and suckers. Wildlife that can be observed along the banks include deer, fox, grouse, eagles and herons. The wooded floodplains and slopes are habitat for wood turtles. The rare Blanding's turtle can be found on the upland sand prairies and savannas around the Zumbro's mouth.  Pickerel frogs live in the marches, while fox snakes, racers, hognose snakes, gopher snakes and timber rattlers can be found in the valley. Rare birds that can be viewed include red-shouldered hawks, bald eagles, osprey, cerulean arblers and Acadian flycatchers. The open marshes give sandhill cranes and moorhens habitat.    MORE


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