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Zumbro & Friends

Southeastern Minnesota flooding is costing local communities, the state and federal government millions of dollars! These floods have wrought devastation upon the lives of the people in these rural communities who are our neighbors and a vital part of the fabric of Minnesota. At the same time,the floods have been a reset event, which has provided the opportunity to go forward with a new start.  The Zumbro Watershed can't be looked upon as an unmanaged problem, but as a tremendous resource to many communities within its boundaries.

Zumbro & Friends was formed in response to the devastatng September 2010 Zumbro River flooding.  It is a true grassroots organization that is comprised of local citizens that are partnering with three established non-profit organizations-- the Zumbro Watershed Partnership, Coming Alongside, and Renewing the Countryside--- and the academic community to form an Executive Steering Committee. The common goal for this work is the development of a comprehensive Watershed Flood Control and Mitigation Plan.

Zumbro & Friends seeks to foster relationships between the faith community, private sector, local government agencies, regulating and supporting agencies, legislators and the citizens who live in the Zumbro Watershed. By working proactively, across community boundaries and across sectors, Zumbro & Friends hopes to develop a comprehensive, coordinated, multi-county development plan that can be applied to other parts of the state.

Who are the organizations that have committed resources to this project?

Zumbro & Friends: Zumbro & Friends is a brain trust organization that has the ultimate goal of coalescing into more than the sum of its parts.  It is actively working with all organizations, communities and residents in the Zumbro Watershed to provide a single point of access for information about the watershed and efforts to mitigate flood control and stimulate economic development. A primary focus of Zumbro & Friends is the development of a temporary union of governming stateholders that will bridge the void inherent in a large geographical area.

Zumbro Watershed Partnership: This non-profit organization has the mission, "To promote the protection and improvement of the Zumbro River Watershed." The Zumbro Watershed Partnership brings knowledge of the watershed, relationships with technical partners and regional credibility to the table.

Coming Alongside:  Coming Alongside is a division of the National Community Resource Center. It provides leadership, vision, relationships and significant network connects that may be used to strengthen local communities at all levels. "Complete---don't compete" describes the way in which Coming Alongside has assisted communities during the Zumbro flood recovery.

Renewing the Countryside:  This non-profit seeks to strengthen rural areas through projects that have positive environmental, economic and social benefits.  Renewing the Countrisde will bring their expertise in working at the local level to long-term economic development issues in the Watershed. Currently, the non-profit is working with the lower Zumbro River Valley from Lake Zumbro and Zumbrota to Wabasha and Kellogg in an effort to rebrand the area to attract business investment, new residents and tourism.

Zumbro & Friends
Tom Wiener, P.E., Chairperson
55743 299th Ave.
Millville, MN 55957

Coming Alongside
National Community Resource Center
1530 Greenview Dr SW Ste 220, Rochester, MN 55902

Renewing the Countryside
782 Hague Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

Explore The Zumbro is a collaboration of cities, businesses and organizations that are in or near the Zumbro River Valley in eastern Goodhue and Wabasha Counties in southeastern Minnesota..
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