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The Zumbro River Valley

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The Driftless Area


The Zumbro River Valley is part of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest, which covers 1,016,204 acres in seven counties and is part of Minnesota's Driftless Area.

The Driftless Area is a swath of southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin in the Upper Mississippi River Basin that was by- passed by the last continental glacier.  As a result, weathering and erosion has left a steep, rugged landscape, characterized by steep valleys carved out by high-quality rivers, algific talus slopes, limestone bluffs, caves, sinkholes, and cold-water trout streams.  The Valley's diverse ecosystem holds hundreds of threatened and endangered l animal and plant species.

DNR recreational facilities located in the Zumbro River Valley include:

How big is Wabasha County's part of the Zumbro River Valley?   The Valley covers approximately 263 sq. miles and 1,019 people live in the river towns of Mazeppa, Zumbro Falls, Hammond, Millville and Kellogg. Towns near the Valley include Wabasha (pop. 2,521), which sits at the intersection of Hwy. 61—the Great River Road—and Hwy 60, which runs the length of the Valley for 39 miles. Zumbrota (pop. 3,252) marks the west entrance to the Valley from Hwy. 52, the main artery between the Twin Cities and Rochester, Minnesota.  Plainview (pop. 3,340) sits on high ground three miles from the Valley on Cty. Rd. 4, a wide new road that runs through the Valley to Lake City.


Explore The Zumbro is a collaboration of cities, businesses and organizations that are in or near the Zumbro River Valley in eastern Goodhue and Wabasha Counties in southeastern Minnesota..
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