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Map of the Zumbro River Valley!

The Zumbro River flows through the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest in Wabasha County.  This section of the Zumbro River is unqiue because by the topography of The Driftless Area. The river widens and falls as it flows through wide valleys to empty into the Mississippi River.

Major highways that give visitors access to the Valley are Hwy. 52 to the west and Hwy. 61--- the Great River Road--- to the east.  Highway 60 runs east/west across the Lower Zumbro River Valley to connect Hwy. 52 to the Great River Road.

To get directions, use the map below:

View ZumbroRiver Valley in a larger map

Explore The Zumbro is a collaboration of cities, businesses and organizations that are in or near the Zumbro River Valley in eastern Goodhue and Wabasha Counties in southeastern Minnesota..
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