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Hammond, Minnesota

Rolling hills, serpentine curves and highways that run along the Zumbro River! What a ride!

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Zumbro Falls- Hammond

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There's no prettier sight than the valley and river from the Zumbro River's shore as it meanders through the town of Hammond, Minnesota!  The Middle and South Forks of the Zumbro River come together twenty miles upstream and the river widens as it flows east.  People who kayak or canoe will find a lively current and must keep a lookout to avoid snags!  The Zumbro Falls to Hammond or Millville  stretch of the river is a popular trip for paddlers.

With public parks that stretch down to the river bank and boat launch area, Hammond is a popular spot.  Canoe liveries make regular pick-ups at the Hammond.  Camping facilities are available at the Hammond campground.  Add a picnic shelter and ball diamond, the Hammond Bar and the Hammond Bar & Cafe, and you've got the makings for good times with family and friends!  

Businesses—Hammond has two businesses left in its turn-of-the-century downtown.   For VisitorsVisitors to Hammond may camp in the city's campground. City parks extend to the Zumbro's shore and there is a park shelter, ball diamond and the amenities close by.  Things To Do Visitors frequently float or paddle down the river to Hammond where canoe liveries run shuttles to the Hammond boat launch regularly.

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